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    Niagara Falls, Ontario – From a Completely Different Perspective

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    A CNN iReport has a report about Niagara Falls:

    Niagara Falls is truly one of the world’s most popular destinations – every year about 12 million visitors come to this Canadian-US border city in order to take in the stunning panorama of the world’s most famous waterfalls. For many decades, Niagara Falls, Ontario, has also been known as the “Honeymoon Capital of the World” – couples in love have come here since the 1800s to tie the knot; and to this day Niagara Falls remains one of Canada’s top destinations for romantic getaways.

    The Majesty of the Niagara Falls

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    A recent CNN iReport was about Niagara Falls (including a few pictures):

    There are two cities in the world that bear the name Niagara Falls. The first city is Niagara Falls, New York, which is a part of the Buffalo, NY Metropolitan Area. On the other side (to the northwest) of the Niagara River, lies Niagara Falls, Ontario in Canada. Both of these cities have charming attractions that tourists will love, but the primary attraction of the region are the Niagara Falls themselves.

    CNN iReport – Butterfly Conservatory, Ontario

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    There was recently a CNN iReport (user generated reporting) about the Butterfly Conservatory (including pictures):

    The Butterfly Conservatory in Niagara Falls, Ontario features over 2000 colorful, tropical butterflies (and moths) that fly freely among the lush and exotic blossoms and greenery.

    Media requests flow over falls photos

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    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    It has been more than three decades since Russ Glasson last set eyes upon the mighty cataracts of Niagara.

    But during the past week, the iconic tourist attraction has figured prominently in the life of the semi-retired 75-year-old Weatherfield, Conn., resident.

    Last year, Glasson posted a small collection of 41-year-old photos showing a dried-up American Falls on a photo-sharing website.

    The photos, which were taken by his late father-in-law, eventually caught the attention of a reporter with London’s Daily Mail newspaper, who contacted Glasson to say he was interested in doing a story about the photos and posting the collection on the newspaper’s website.

    Links to the story made the rounds on social media web-sites, including Facebook and Twitter, and it wasn’t long before Glasson found himself fielding almost daily interview requests from local and national media outlets.

    On Monday, Glasson and the photos made an appearance on CNN during a segment hosted by news anchor Kyra Phillips.

    Niagara Falls Lures Honeymooners Again

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    From an EU News Network press release:

    Economic woes and an episode of the TV comedy “The Office” have lured honeymooners to the U.S. and Canadian sides of Niagara Falls, experts say.

    Kate Scaglione, a spokeswoman for the Niagara Tourism and Convention Corporation, told CNN the number of hits on the wedding section of its Web site went up 83 percent the day after Jim and Pam married on “The Office.”

    Some honeymooners have said Niagara lured them because they could avoid the expense of flying. The area has a retro charm, Rebecca Dolgin of TheKnot.com, said.

    The Falls have lured newlyweds since the early 19th century when Aaron Burr’s daughter spent her honeymoon there. In the 1950s and 1960s, the region billed itself as “the honeymoon capital of the world.”

    Lovers take fresh look at Niagara Falls

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    From CNN Travel:

    Amy and David Wieller got married right around the time one of television’s favorite onscreen couples did, but they have something else in common with Jim and Pam from “The Office”: They had a great time celebrating their love at Niagara Falls.

    Often considered a cliché — the region was made so popular by hordes of newlyweds in the 1950s and ’60s that it proclaimed itself the “honeymoon capital of the world” — Niagara Falls is getting a fresh look from modern lovers discovering its beauty and having fun with its retro image.

    “We just had a ball,” said Amy Wieller, recalling her Niagara honeymoon last September. “You kind of feel like a kid when you’re back there… [and] that view — you can’t not be romantic there.”

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