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    Canadian daredevils climb up ice-covered Horseshoe Falls

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    From the Toronto Star:

    The thunder of the waterfall roared in his bones, but Will Gadd kept climbing.

    Moments later, along with Sarah Hueniken, who followed him up, Gadd completed the first-ever ice climb of Niagara Falls, a feat that earned the champion climbers praise and attention from around the world.

    “This is absolutely the highlight of my career to date … This is history from a straight-up climbers’ perspective,” Gadd, 47, told the Star in a phone interview Friday, three days after the 46-metre climb up the frozen spray on the east side of the fabled Horseshoe Falls.

    “It is the most well-known and wildest and largest (by volume of water) waterfall in the world. As an ice climber, it doesn’t really get any bigger than that, you know? I’m pretty psyched on that one.”

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