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    Charming Niagara-on-the-Lake offers international getaway, close to home

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    This isn’t directly related to Niagara Falls, but many visitors do make a trip into Niagara-on-the-Lake when the come.

    From the Cleveland.com:

    American soldiers burned charming Niagara-on-the-Lake to the ground in late 1813, a brutal act in the ongoing War of 1812.

    Lucky for us, the Canadians rebuilt – because Americans have been enjoying this lovely, lakeside town ever since.

    For Clevelanders, especially, it’s an ideal jaunt – less than four hours by car for an international weekend away.

    Niagara Falls, Ontario adds more sparkle to the season with fantastic festival of holiday lights, off-season deals

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    From the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

    Does the home of one of the world’s most magnificent natural wonders really need more sparkle?

    When it comes to the holidays in Niagara Falls, my answer is, “It may not need it, but why not?”

    For the 31st year in a row, the Canadian city is hosting a holiday light display that makes a visit to this touristy town 215 miles from Cleveland even more alluring in the off-season.

    “Off season” is they key term here. It’s downtime in Niagara Falls, so in addition to the light show, visitors will find a myriad of seasonal attractions designed to entice tourists, from fireworks to cupcakes. You’ll also find some good deals, and short lines (even at the border!).

    You’ll find a steady stream of family fun at Niagara Falls

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    From Cleveland.com:

    Spectacular natural beauty. Gloriously tacky man-made fun. Niagara Falls is overflowing with both.

    We experienced the dual sides of the falls on a long family weekend excursion to Canada to see the holiday lights — and then some. And we loved most of it, especially our 4-year-old. So if you decide to head north for a bit of seasonal sightseeing, here are some of our favorites beyond the bright lights and big falls.

    New ad campaign looks to draw visitors to Niagara

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    From the Buffalo News (includes video):

    Attractions in the Niagara Falls area are highlighted as part of a media campaign running in six cities for the next six weeks.

    The Niagara Tourism and Convention Corp. kicked off a media campaign on Tuesday, it announced in its monthly e-newsletter.

    The campaign includes online, radio and TV ads, as well as on-air contests and promotions. Officials are targeting the Syracuse, Elmira, Pittsburgh, Erie, Pa., Cleveland and Columbus markets.

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