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    NPC buying Cullen Miniature Village for $100k

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    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    First a carousel, now a miniature Ferris wheel.

    The Niagara Parks Commission will be the proud new owner of a three-foot-tall wooden Ferris wheel, part of a 180-piece miniature village collection it is buying for $113,000. The Cullen Miniature Village, once a popular tourist destination in Whitby, will be restored and set up on parks commission land, now that the NPC’s offer to buy the collection has been accepted.

    The City of Oshawa, which bought the collection in a controversial $239,000 deal from the Cullen family in 2007, unanimously voted to accept the commission’s offer during a special committee meeting Thursday. That decision is expected to be approved by the full council Monday night.

    “These councillors just wanted this done with,” Oshawa director of finance services Chris Brown said Thursday. “They would have loved to get (the full purchase price) back, but the market is what it is, so I think they’ll endorse this Monday night.”

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