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    The story of the Niagara River: The water wonder of the world

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    From the Globe and Mail:

    Oscar Wilde, Richard Nixon, Pierre Trudeau, Marilyn Monroe, Winston Churchill, Shirley Temple, Abraham Lincoln, Mark Twain, Charles Blondin, Wild Bill Hickok, Laura Secord, H.G. Wells, Charles Dickens, Helen Keller, Sir Harry Oakes, Jimmy Stewart, Princess Diana …

    Bit characters all – in a story in which the main character has always been and will always be: the Falls.

    Those famous names, with one notable exception, were all as impressed in their day by Niagara Falls as will be the millions of visitors who come this year to stare in awe at one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

    Helen Keller, who could not see and could not hear, experienced the falls through her hands. She was so moved by the vibrations she could feel on a hotel windowsill that she told her mother: “One feels helpless and overwhelmed in the presence of such a vast force.”

    Blondin to get street name recognition


    From Niagara This Week:

    Niagara Falls’ first funambulist is getting his due.

    Immortalized in miniature crossing Victoria Avenue on a highwire, Blondin will now be recognized with his very own street after city politicians approved the naming of a small north section of Falls Avenue running between John and Bender Streets. Council unanimously endorsed the renaming at its March 27 meeting.

    “The avenue’s proximity to the gorge makes it appropriate to name the road after Charles Blondin,” a staff report from the Clerk’s Department said.

    Today in History (June 30)

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    According to the Minneapolis – St. Paul Star Tribune, on this day in 1859…

    French acrobat Charles Blondin (born Jean Francois Gravelet) walked back and forth on a tightrope above the gorge of Niagara Falls as thousands of spectators watched.

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