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    Space for rent on Clifton Hill – GROUND LEVEL MIDDLE OF CLIFTON HILL

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    I was browsing the Kijiji web site, and noticed one of the featured ads up top was of the Burger King on Clifton Hill. I clicked on the link, and apparently there is some space to rent.

    I wonder which space is available. 5,000 is a fairly large space.

    Jamie Kennedy cooking up something different

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    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    As iconic Canadian chef Jamie Kennedy speaks, a gigantic ferris wheel rotates outside the window behind him.

    Down the street is a bonanza of pretzels and candy apples.

    Keep walking, and there’s a huge Frankenstein bursting through the roof of Burger King munching on a Whopper.

    Is this really the place for fine cuisine? As far as Kennedy is concerned, it’s overdue.

    “The key thing is to connect Niagara Falls to the region, gastronomically,” says Kennedy, in town Monday to announce a new restaurant in the Sheraton on the Falls Hotel.

    The renowned chef, awarded the Order of Canada last year, will open Jamie Kennedy on the Falls on the hotel’s 14th floor in late November. There will be some surprises, he hints, but anyone who has been to either of his two Toronto restaurants will know what to expect: Local cuisine paired with local wines, served in unconventional ways.

    Crystal Caves pamphlet

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    I wasn’t looking around for this, but the other day I saw a pamphlet for the Crystal Caves attraction on Oneida Lane under the Burger King just off Clifton Hill. I hadn’t seen one before, so I picked it up and scanned it. I have uploaded it in PDF format if you would like to see it.

    Here is the text from the pamphlet:


    The Crystal Caves
    Are you
    BRAVE enough…
    CLEVER enough…
    or CRAZY enough to reach the end of this CRYSTAL LABYRINTH?


    The Crystal Caves
    The year was 1884. Hundreds of poinds of dynamite were assembeld atop Clifton Hill to pave the way for the Niagara Falls railroad station., But when the first explosions to lay the foundations web off, everyone got more than they bargained for. Workers found deep caverns next to the site cut out of crystal just beneath the surface and miles of ice tunnels so clear the men could see their reflections in the walls. COnstruction took years as each blast opened new caves and weakened the earth below. When the station was finished, every entryway was sealed and the treacherours labyrinth forgotten… or so the legend goes.

    A century later, a tragic fure burned down most of this historic railroad site. As rescuers moved through the rubble on the adjacent property they found a dark hole in the rocks – just large enough for a person to fit through. What they found inside confirmed the stories that have been passed down for generations: crystals jutting out of the walls of endless ice-lined caves and a maze of passageways, shaky wooden bridges, and crumbling ceilings. Today you can be among the first, in over a hundred years, to step foot in this MIRRORED MAZE OF CRYSTAL CAVES. But before you enter… just be sure that you have what it takes to find your way out… for you might just get lost in the infinite passageways FOREVER!


    The Crystal Caves
    A Mirror Maze Adventure

    Be among the first to step foot in this mirrored maze of crystal caves. But before you enter… just be sure that you have what it takes to find your way out… for you might just get lost in the infinite passageways FOREVER!

    Top of Clifton Hill
    Niagara Falls, Canada

    The Crystal Caves website has a short video showing the attraction and explaining the “origins”. I’d like to go in sometime to see what it is like. I’ve filled out the Contact Us form on their web site asking to do a review…

    Dirty Washrooms at Fast Food Chains


    Someone with a Blogger blog posted about a recent bad experience at the Burger King on Clifton Hill:

    Why do multi-national food chains, with billions of dollars in profits all have the worst washrooms in the country? I recently had lunch on Clifton Hill at Niagara Falls
    . Me and my family ate at the “King’s” palace…you know the guy, the royal with the crown and whopper???!!! The restaurant was dirty and dingy. As you approach the counter, you notice the signs right away, ‘We Do Not Participate in Coupon Programs’ and ‘We Do Not Offer Refills.’ I was hesitant, but I ordered anyway…fries for my daughter, and 3 combos…for me, my husband and son. The burgers were small, the fries were barely non-existent and my coke was less than refreshing. I was ok with all that until my daughter said she had to use the washroom. I dreaded going to the washroom (if you have a small child who is being potty trained, you know what I am talking about.) As we got to the washrooms, there was a girl standing in line. Looking at my daughter, and knowing she couldn’t wait very long, I asked the girl ahead of me if there was anyone in the mens’ washroom. She said she did not think so. I pushed my way
    in there. (A mother has to do, what a mother has to do.) I could’ve vomitted. The place smelled of urine, feces and others. It looked disgusting and I was afraid to touch anything, even worse, I kept on telling my daughter every 5 seconds to not touch anything.

    Note: I usually don’t post this sort of negative thing, but this person seemed genuinely sincere, and had just a terrible experience. I sure hope she contacts the corporate customer service people. It’s the only way to have this sort of thing addressed.

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