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New kiosk on Clifton Hill

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A week or so ago I posted that the kiosk on Clifton Hill between Tim Hortons and Boston Pizza had been removed. Well, a new one has been put in its place.

Renovations at Sweets & Treats and Spuds Hot Dogs

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On Clifton Hill beside the Fudge Factory and underneath Boston Pizza are a couple of concessions… Sweets & Treats and Spuds Hot Dogs. They are currently closed, undergoing some kind of renovations.


Christmas window paintings on Clifton Hill


One of the simple little things that gets done around Christmas time, is the windows of several of the attractions and restaurants on Clifton Hill get painted with a winter and/or Christmas scene. I love them. The people who do them are very talented! Here are some of windows at Boston Pizza, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, Tim Hortons, Canada Trading Company, Strike, and Fudge Factory

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