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    Now it’s Canada’s turn to correct staffing issues that discourage cross-border travel

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    From the Buffalo News:

    Will Canada start listening now? With border backups attracting attention across the country and pressure rising at all levels of government, perhaps Ottawa will finally act to defuse a problem that poses economic perils on both sides of the border.

    The problem, which has been evident at various times all summer, repeated itself late last month as Canadians returning home from the Kanye West concert in Buffalo encountered not only long lines at the border crossing in Fort Erie, but the additional insult of watching booths closing as agents packed up for the night. An unnecessarily long wait was thoughtlessly extended.

    Canadian authorities have been made aware of the problem. Yet nothing improves.

    A couple of changes in the Great Canadian Midway

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    There are a couple of minor, but new, changes to the Great Canadian Midway on Clifton Hill. Near the entrance was a booth where you could buy tickets and get information. It used to be a circular booth. It has changed to be a square. There are now 2 people that can work in it.

    With the arrival of the new XD Theater, they have changed the sign on the outside of the building.

    Wind damage from Saturday

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    If you live within a few hours of Niagara Falls, you probably experienced some very high winds last Saturday. Occasionally we experience that, but this lasted for 18 hours or so. However, with all of that wind, there was actually very little damage. Other than some small branches around, the only damage I saw was this Greg Frewin booth out from of the Imperial Hotel. The booth blew over.

    Dinosaur Adventure Golf March 2011 update

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    First off, let’s start with the old Dinosaur Park Miniature Golf that was right beside the Comfort Inn Clifton Hill. It has been slowly dismantled over the last few months. Since I was last there, the booth is now gone.

    They have also dug up a lot of the holes.

    The booth for the new courses is taking shape. A nice pterodactyl is sitting on top of it.

    There is a new T-Rex out on the course that looks awesome!

    The storage area also has a couple of other new dinosaurs out. A woolly mammoth has been put together, as well as a stegosaurus.

    It looks like it is going to be a great course!

    The King dethroned


    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    The King was here, but his followers missed the memo.

    The first annual Niagara Falls Elvis Festival was marred by slim crowds and some angry vendors over the weekend.

    Most wondered why the event wasn’t promoted more, and felt sorry for the top notch entertainers gathered at Oakes Garden Theatre.

    “One of the Elvis’ said (on Friday), ‘I’m not sticking around, there’s no one to sing to,’ ” said vendor Sheila Szalai, who paid nearly $600 with her husband Karl to operate a jewelry booth for the three-day event. By Saturday afternoon, they had made just two sales.

    “We won’t be back.”

    The sour mood hung over the venue Saturday as Elvis tribute artists played to barely 150 people by late afternoon. It was a far cry from the thousands organizers expected for the inaugural event.

    “This is stupid, this place should be packed,” said Niagara Falls resident Della Meunier. “I love Elvis, and I am very disappointed for this. Fans just didn’t know it was going on.

    “Why was it kept so secretive?”

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