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Mini makeover for Casino Niagara’s 20th birthday

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From Niagara This Week:

Casino Niagara is in line for a little sprucing up.

Richard Taylor, Vice-President of Operations for Niagara Casinos used the occasion of the gaming facility’s 20th birthday to announce that Falls Management Company would be pumping $7.1 million into new gaming technology and facility improvements

“This investment will help us lead Casino Niagara into the future with new gaming technology, new dining experiences and an enhanced customer experience,” said Taylor said.

He made the announcement at an event to mark the milestone for what was the third casino to be established in Ontario when Casino Niagara opened its doors on Dec. 9, 1996.

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Five things a newcomer to Canada should try

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From the Toronto Star:

Since its inception in 1867, Canada has welcomed newcomers from all walks of life, although perhaps less enthusiastically in recent years.

As millions prepare to celebrate the country’s July 1 birthday, here are some things that immigrants and visitors have to try while in the great white north…

4. Visit Niagara Falls
It’s pretty special. Give the tourist trap souvenir shops and CN Tower imitation a miss, though.

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