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    There’s an absence of Avatar at our Imax

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    This Niagara Falls Review article isn’t directly tourism-related, but it does involve the local IMAX theatre, so I figured I’d include it. Also, I’ve seen Avatar twice, and I’d love to see it in IMAX 3D 🙂

    Still holding out hope to see Avatar at the Niagara Falls Imax? You might be waiting awhile.

    Despite the film’s massive success -and the fact director James Cameron is from Chippawa – Niagara’s only Imax facility won’t be screening the blockbuster soon, if ever.

    The venue’s projectors can only screen films 50 minutes or shorter, says Clayton Doner, operations manager for Imax Theatre Niagara Falls on Fallsview Boulevard.

    The cost to purchase an Imax projector to show Cameron’s three-hour epic is upwards of $1 million.

    “There’s no chance at all,” says Doner.

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