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    Dinosaur Adventure Golf Opens on Clifton Hill Niagara Falls

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    From a WebWire press release:

    Legendary Niagara Falls, Canada is now home to a spectacular, one-of-a-kind attraction that should be experienced first hand to fully appreciate: Dinosaur Adventure Golf. www.cliftonhill.com/attractions/dinosaur-adventure-golf

    As one of the nation’s largest miniature golf courses, Dinosaur Adventure Golf features two 18-hole courses (“Raptor” and “T-Rex”); 3 distinct decorative ponds with fast-moving rapids and bubblers; and a 50 foot high “active” steam-erupting volcano that lets golfers play directly through a realistically eerie, cavernous volcanic interior on their way to the 18th hole.

    All of this is spread out over a massive 70,000 square foot playing surface, and populated by 50 astonishingly realistic and life-sized dinosaurs — many which loom over 30 feet high.

    Butterflies set to soar again

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    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    The metamorphosis at the Butterfly Conservatory is almost complete.

    The large windows of the Niagara Parks attraction have been washed and the massive netting that keeps the colourful winged inhabitants away from the misting and air-handling units has been replaced.

    The verdant habitat of tropical greens has been pruned, rearranged and reestablished.

    All that’s missing from the humid rainforest environment are the butterflies.

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