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    Ontario’s Niagara Parks celebrates 80th Anniversary of Oakes Garden Theatre

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    From a Niagara Parks Commission press release seen at Niagara at Large (from September 18):

    In a ceremony held today, The Niagara Parks Commission was pleased to rededicate the awe-inspiring amphitheatre, Oakes Garden Theatre, in celebration of the venue’s 80th anniversary.

    Oakes Garden Theatre and its associated Rainbow Gardens are outstanding examples of design and architecture created to specifically act as a dramatic gateway to Canada. Influenced by the City Beautiful architectural movement of the mid-20th century, the venue was first opened to the public with an original dedication ceremony held on September 18, 1937.

    Tear down the wall: Oakes Garden pergola dismantled by NPC


    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    The pergola wall at Oakes Garden Theatre has come down, but no one knows when it’s going back up.

    As announced earlier this year, the Niagara Parks Commission has removed the historic wall at the upper slope of the amphitheatre located at the base of Clifton Hill because of safety concerns.

    Rather than scrap the wall, the plan is to reconstruct it with the original materials … some day.

    I was by the other day, and it’s all gone now.

    Safari Niagara Amphitheatre presents Classic Albums Live

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    On Monday I received the following email newsletter from Safari Niagara. They are promoting the first in their summer concert series.

    To subscribe to “Yak It Up”, the Safari Niagara newsletter, click on the subscribe link at the top of any page.

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