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    Goat Island Lodge Plan Could Be Coming Soon

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    From the Niagara Falls Reporter:

    It was only a few weeks ago that the state plan to build a “world-class lodge” on Goat Island State Park was swirling in controversy as the Niagara Falls Council and the Niagara County Legislature voiced strong opposition to the idea of marring the pristine beauty of the park and hurting downtown business interests with a tourist-magnet lodge.

    Feeling the pressure, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s development honchos sought to cool the furor and said other state parks along with Goat Island would be considered for the governor’s lodge and that RFP’s would soon be issued.

    According to sources in Albany, an RFP is being developed (secretly, as usual) for a state park lodge, and Goat Island is still the prime parcel being considered despite the talk of other parks.

    Gaming Dispute Takes Back Seat to Budget

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    From the Niagara Falls Reporter:

    The developing crisis between the Seneca Nation and the state in the gaming dispute over revenue sharing payments is taking a back seat these days to the budget negotiations in Albany as lawmakers and the governor try to meet the April 1 budget deadline. Read More…

    NYS charges Wallenda $225,000 for walk

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    From WIVB Channel 4 in Buffalo:

    With just days before Nik Wallenda crosses Niagara Falls, the seventh generation daredevil finally has the permission needed from New York State.

    His lawyer, Henry Wojtaszek, said the permits have officially been issued.

    “We had to work along with the state attorneys. They were very responsive, but it does take some time to get the documents together and to get information together,” the attorney explained.

    Permit drafts were sent to Wallenda’s team on three separate occasions in the month of May. News 4 has learned not one of those permits was ever returned to state parks, until the signing on Tuesday in Albany.

    Now, everything is all set for the walk – including the payment to the state. The permit itself costs $50,000 and by Friday, Wallenda’s team must fork over $150,000 for security and other management costs. The state also mandated they keep $25,000 in escrow to pay for any damage to the park.

    Niagara Falls is walking its own wire

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    From the Buffalo News:

    The Niagara Falls publicity stunt was born like this: It was September 1827.A group of hoteliers wanted to make a quick buck. So they sent an old lake schooner, filled with terrified animals, over the brink. The spectacle, as planned, drew thousands. Many of the animals died in the plunge.

    It’s 184 years later, and we’re still grasping at ghoulish curiosities at Niagara.

    Famed wire walker Nik Wallenda wants to cross the Horseshoe Falls on his tightrope, and debate over the planned escapade has dominated discussion on both sides of the famous falls for months.

    The stunt, already given the go-ahead by Albany, now hinges on a decision by the Canadians. But whether Wallenda walks or not is beside the point.

    Debate over the high-wire act is a distraction to the real problems that plague Niagara Falls. Blight, unemployment and a worn-out reputation for hucksterism overshadow a natural wonder that is still unique to the world.

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