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    Jimmy Kimmel Show making Niagara detour

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    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    The Jimmy Kimmel Show will be filming segments in Niagara Falls next week, but it’s still unclear whether Kimmel himself will be here.

    Robin Garrett, CEO of the Tourism Partnership of Niagara, said there’s no guarantee the popular ABC talk show host will appear, but “we are negotiating that as we speak.”

    But fans of Kimmel’s security guard sidekick Guillermo are in luck. The show is sending him to do humorous red carpet interviews during the Toronto International Film Festival, and from Sept. 12 to 15 he’ll make sporadic visits to Niagara Falls for segments to air next week.

    Luring the show to Niagara Falls was a joint effort between Tourism Toronto, Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership, Canadian Tourism Commission, Tourism Partnership of Niagara and Air Canada.

    The New Niagara


    From enRoute (the Air Canada magazine):

    t used to be a trip to Niagara Falls meant all-you–can-eat buffets, wax museums and daredevil attractions. In fact, the Honeymoon Capital of the World was always been a bit more kitsch than class. Until now. Thanks to an infusion of cash and fresh ideas, a more sophisticated Niagara Falls is on the rise.

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