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    80K people celebrate Canada in tourism district

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    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    About 80,000 people packed the heart of the tourism area of Niagara Falls on Canada Day, the largest gathering of people in the city since an estimated 100,000 watched Nik Wallenda’s historic wirewalk over the Horseshoe Falls in 2012.

    “It was tremendous,” said Niagara Parks Commission chairwoman Janice Thomson.

    “That was the number that our Niagara Parks Police recorded in the immediate area of the falls, and around Murray Hill, Clifton Hill, on the (Niagara) Parkway.”

    Thomson said she believes the crowd reflects the “fact that we’ve been enjoying an uptick in tourism.”

    “We’ve seen more visitors in general, and now for this to be a very special holiday, coupled with the American 4th of July holiday, we just saw an amazing amount of visitors.”

    Niagara Falls in Summer 2009 (pictures and video)

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    The weather on the 4th of July this year was awesome. The sky was blue and the temperature was in the mid 20°s C (around 70° F), so I went out and took some pictures and a video. The pictures were taken with my regular camera, but the video was taken with a new small HD camera that I “inherited” from one of my sisters. I’ve embedded the video below, but you may want to click through to YouTube and view the HD version.

    As always, you can view the thumbnails below, or view the full images in the Niagara Falls in Summer 2009 gallery.

    Here is the HD video from that day:

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