Another Development in the tourist core

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I was having dinner at Kelsey’s on Clifton Hill last night when I saw the following public notice posted across the street between House of Frankenstein and Ripley’s Moving Theater. This is the first time I saw this posting, though the meeting is next week.

We have been told this is a formality to allow them to erect the rides they had last year (a rock climbing wall and a slide) while providing future approval for 3 unstated mechanical rides.

Publc Meeting Notice for Amusement Rides

The City of Niagara Falls
Public Meeting
Date – May 16, 2005, 7:00 PM
Council Chambers, City Hall
4310 Queen Street, Niagara Falls
File – AM-48/2004
City Council will consider an applicaiton to change the zoning by-law for these lands, to permit
3 amusement type rides
Additional information and a copy of the written notice available by contacting the planning & development department
City Hall, 8:30 – 4:30, Telephone 356-7521

Niagara Falls in the Movies: Canadian Bacon

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I was over at my sister’s place yesterday and she asked me to look at the DVD player in her computer. Movies would play, and then cut off. The movie she brought out to show me was Canadian Bacon. I saw it along time ago, and had forgotten about it.

Canadian Bacon cover

The movie was written and directed by Michael Moore.

The U.S. President, low in the opinion polls, gets talked into raising his popularity by trying to start a cold war against Canada.

The movie stars John Candy, Alan Alda, and Rhea Perlman.

The reason I mention it is because the movie takes place in and around Niagara Falls, NY.

Here are some Niagara Falls specific scenes in the movie:

During the opening credits there are some beautiful aerial shots of the Falls while the song “God Bless America Again” (written by Bobby Bore and Boyce Hawing; performed by Tex Ritter) is playing.
Throughout the first few minutes of the movie there are several shots of the Falls.

From the viewing platform on the American side by the America Falls, you can see the Canadian side with a hotel and the Minolta Tower.
There is a similar shot, but this time it is from water level. You see a shot from below of the American Falls, and you again see a hotel and the Minolta Tower on the Canadian side.
You see one of the hydro electric dams up the river on the edge of the gorge.
The “Omega Force” is sent to invade Canada. You see them scale down the gorge on the US side, cross the Niagara River and then land on the Canadian side.
As the movie ends, you see someone in a boat (who is supposed to be John Candy’s character) just about to go over the Horseshoe Falls.
During the closing credits, the following references to Niagara Falls are made:
Special Thanks to:
The People of Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls Parks Commision

Filmed entirely on lcation in
Niagara Falls, NY; Niagara Falls, ON; Toronto and Buffalo.

No Canadians were harmed during this production

You can purchase Canadian Bacon from

Be careful of the wax…

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It’s not uncommon for an attraction’s exit to be into a retail store or some other place where the proprietor can make extra money. Both the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum and Movieland Wax Museum of Stars exit into an area where wax hands are made. With the help of the wax hand artisan, a person puts their hand in wax, it hardens, and then they are able to pull their hand out of the “cast”.

Well, apparently earlier this week (Sunday or Monday) a couple was at the counter where they make wax hands after leaving Ripley’s, and they had an 18-month-old baby with them that they sat down on the counter. Well, the baby squirmed, and ended up in the wax vat! The baby is (or will be) fine.

Wolfgang is coming!

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Wolfgang Puck logo

I’m sure everyone is sick of my posts about the Wolfgang Puck Grand Cafe Niagara, but it’s just that I keep getting more information. The restaurant is officially open for business now, but they will be having a grand opening on June 28, 2005 and Wolfgang Puck himself will be there!

Glow in the dark Miniature Golf

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There is a new attraction on Clifton Hill opening today. Cosmic Golf miniature golf is in the old Movieland building. They are still sprucing it up on the outside, but on the inside it is very cool! When I get a chance to go in and play a round, I’ll post some pictures.

Cosmic Golf logo

I’ve taken a couple of pictures of the building that you can see here.

I was out on the hill Saturday night and took a few photos of Cosmic Golf and some other attractions. The exterior looks great with the new paint. They have since completed painting the exterior of the building with the same flourescent green.

Cosmic Golf at Night

Wendy’s on Clifton Hill

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The Wendy’s on Clifton Hill was recently renovated:

  • The blue siding was removed and replaced with much nicer brick.
  • Trim was put around the roof to match the regular Wendy’s style.
  • There used to be a patio that was enclosed.
  • Other improvements inside were done
  • Clock was put into the side of the building
  • New pylon sign was installed
Wendy's on Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls

Wendy’s is located on the south side of Clifton Hill. It is above Movieland, and is adjacent to the Great Canadian Midway.

More Niagara Falls Developments


It seems like there is always something going on…

Public Meeting sign

These signs are located on several of the buildings on the south side of Clifton Hill (Kelsey’s, Great Canadian Midway, Movieland). In case you can’t read the sign, it states the following:

The City of Niagara Falls
Public Meeting
Date – May 30, 2005 7:00 PM
Council Chambers, City Hall
4310 Queen Street, Niagara Falls
File – AM-23/2004
City Council will consider an applicaiton to change the zoning by-law for these lands, to permit
a 28-storey tall hotel near the south end of the lands and a midway and amusement complex, with a ferris wheel, 2 roller coasters and various smaller rides and attractions, south of Clifton Hill
Additional information and a copy of the written notice available by contacting the planning & development department
City Hall, 8:30 – 4:30, Telephone 356-7521

I don’t expect to be going to this meeting, but if I hear anything, I’ll be sure to post it.

Wolfgang Puck Cafe Niagara

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As I’ve mentioned before, there is a new Wolfgang Puck restaurant in Niagara Falls across from the Fallsview Casino.

Wolfgang Puck Cafe Niagara Now Open!Wolfgang Puck Cafe Niagara Front Entrance

You can see other pictures I’ve taken in the Wolfgang Puck Cafe Niagara gallery.

From the web site:

P: 905-354-5000
F: 905-354-5027

The Wolfgang Puck Grand Caf� provides a comfortable and casual setting that�s perfect for a casual lunch or dinner, business meeting or a place to take the family. With something to please everyone, the caf� menu showcases dishes inspired by the cuisine of some of Wolfgang�s classics in addition to many contemporary dishes and seasonal specials. Try a variety of fresh-made soups, sandwiches, fish, salads, and the signature Wolfgang Puck pizza, all prepared with the best and freshest ingredients. The restaurant features an excellent andaffordable wine list, with a strong showing of American wines.

You can information on the hours of operation as well as the food and wine menus online.

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