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    Finding a Niagara Falls t-shirt

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    I was away for a few days last week and ended up in Peterborough, Ontario. It’s 2.5 – 3 hours away from Niagara Falls. We stopped at a second-hand store called Talize, and this shirt was hanging on the end of an aisle as we walked into the store.


    Niagara Falls penny press (elongated penny)

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    Quite a few years ago I posted about finding a penny souvenir. I’ve seen lots of these Penny Press/Elongated Coin machines when visiting Florida, but I don’t see too many of them around here. Add to that the fact that Canada no longer uses pennies, and these machines just aren’t that popular around here any more. When I have seen them, they have copper blanks that look like pennies that are used for the souvenirs.

    Anyway, I don’t know where this coin came from (most likely Canada), but it is clear that it was an American penny.


    Penny souvenirs, part 2

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    A few years ago I posted about a penny souvenir I found on the ground. By penny souvenir, I mean the coins (sometimes just metal slugs) which you put through a machine and it leaves an imprint of something on the metal. This led me on a bit of search for where these machines are located. Unfortunately, the Squished Peny Museum is now “closed”, but the Penny Collector still has a list ing of local machines. According to the site, there are currently 17 of these machines in Niagara Falls.

    Recently, I found another of the pennies on the ground. If you look at the under side of the coin, you can tell that it really was an American penny.

    Rainforest Cafe leaflet

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    Since the arrival of Casino Niagara, Niagara Falls has changed immensely. Perhaps the quickest change was in the food & beverage industry in the city. Almost right away “brand-name” restaurants came into the city. It started with Planet Hollywood and the Hard Rock Cafe and continues today. One of the more recent ones has been the Rainforest Cafe. You can’t miss the entrance to it… there is a giant volcano near the bottom of Clifton Hill! They often will have someone out in the plaza area with a snake, and there is a small shark exhibit in the souvenir shop.

    I’ve scanned their promotional leaflet and included the text below:

    rainforest_cafe_2005_front.jpg rainforest_cafe_2005_back.jpg

    Front of leaflet:

    Rainforest Cafe
    Niagara Falls
    Free Shark Exhibit
    Falls Avenue
    Under the Volcano
    On Clifton Hill

    Rainforest Cafe
    Niagara Falls
    Complimetnary Gift
    with a merchandise purchase of $15 or more.

    Back of leaflet:

    Rainforest Cafe
    Niagara Falls
    Your advenure begins here…
    An adventure in casual dining
    80 foot erupting volcano
    Live shark (FREE) exhibit
    Unique shopping
    Animatronic elephants & gorillas
    Daily live animal encounters

    From the Rainbo Bridge:
    Take the first right immediately after customs. Turn left on Hiram, and left again on Ontario.
    From QEW/Hwy 420:
    Take QEW to 420 toards the Rainbow Bridge and “The Falls” to Falls Avenue.

    Rainforest Cafe
    Niagara Falls
    Located at Clifton Hill & Falls Ave.
    5875 Falls Avenue, Niagara Falls,
    Ontario, Canada L2E 6W7
    905-374-CAFE (2233)
    One per customer. No cash value.

    PDF IconI have also created a PDF file of the leaflet if you’d like to download it and see it in full size/colour. You can download it here:
    Rainforest Cafe leaflet

    This was almost exactly the same as the last version. The back is exactly the same. The front used to have a picture of 2 kids with a snake wrapped around them. Now there is a picture of the volcano. You can see the older leaflet here.

    You can see pictures of the Rainforest Cafe in the AccessNiagara Rainforest Cafe Image Gallery (remember, the pictures never look as good as the real thing).

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