Here is a press release I received via email from the Niagara Falls Bridge Commission: HOW TO AVOID THE SUMMER TRAVEL TRAFFIC BLUES Niagara Falls Bridge Commission offers tips on how to avoid traffic when crossing one of the three international bridges over the Niagara River LEWISTON, NEW YORK – Summer is fast approaching and…

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U.S. diplimoat assures regional tourism leaders on border crossings

From Hotel Online: An American diplomat reassured regional tourism officials Thursday that tighter border-crossing requirements due to take effect June 1 will not impede the flow of travelers and their dollars to and from Canada. Not everyone attending the fourth annual Binational Tourism Alliance was convinced. Some fretted that a looming flu pandemic, combined with…

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Weak Canadian dollar means paying more at border

From the Niagara Falls Review: The prolonged weakness of the Canadian dollar means people paying more to cross the border. Effective May 15, Canadian tolls for passenger vehicles will be increased to $4.00 Cdn from the current $3.75 rate. The U.S. tolls will remain at $3.25 U.S. The Niagara Falls Bridge Commission, which operates the…

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