New Exhibit Coming to the Butterfly Conservatory


    From the Niagara Parks blog:

    The Niagara Parks Butterfly Conservatory is pleased to welcome some of the world’s most exotic animals in a new exhibit, ‘Under the Canopy – Animals of the Rainforest’, organized by Ottawa-based Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo.

    Staff from Little Ray’s will be in Niagara Falls with the exhibit to lead all educational programs and host daily interactive sessions with the animals.

    Rainforest animals that will be on display include: Common Marmoset, Brazilian Short Tailed Opossum, Emerald Tree Boa, Jungle Carpet Python, Red Footed Tortoise, Emperor Scorpions, Cuviers Dwarf Caiman, Panther Chameleon, White’s Tree Frog and the Reticulated Python.

    I hope to be able to see this soon…

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    1. this will be a great addition to an already good exhibit. The Botanical Gardens outside makes this a worthwhile destination.

      When I was there this New Years, it was a nice quiet trip out along the Great Gorge to the Butterfly Conservatory and escape a bit from the noise and crowds.

    2. My wife arranged for us to visit the butterfly farm in the uk last month, if I’m honest, I didn’t really think it was going to be my cup of tea but I really did enjoy it, we’re actually going again in the next few weeks.

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