Kiska, Marineland’s only Orca/Killer whale, is pregnant?

This was brought to my attention by regular visitor and Marineland fan “D”. I was referred to a news item on the web site which claims that Kiska is pregnant, with twins! Wow, if it is true, then the employees at Marineland must be ecstatic. That might also explain why Marineland didn’t fight the court case any further.

After July 2011, Kiska, a 35 year old female orca was separated from 9 year old male Ikaika, as he was dominant towards her. Today their reason of separation is publicly released. Kiska is pregnant with twins!
During September 2011, Kiska had an ultrasound. It is confirmed she is pregnant by Ikaika and is 4 months in the pregnancy. This was very exciting news for the employees of MarineLand…

Kiska will stay at MarineLand. She is due in October-December 2012, as the orca gestination period is 16-18 months. Her calves are both healthy and it’s a female and male, as said by MarineLand vets.

Remember, this is just a rumour, and Marineland is notoriously secretive about their animals. It might not be true.

2 thoughts on “Kiska, Marineland’s only Orca/Killer whale, is pregnant?

  1. OMG! i’m so going to try and see if it’s true, i really hope it is.

    i’ve been going to Marineland since i was a baby, i’m 26, i grew up with Kandu, Nootka and Kiska being there and the last few years have been tear jerking for me. i still cry knowing i’ll never see Kandu or Nootka anymore, i was always keeping Kandu company when he was always separated from the mothers, when ever i visited.

    I was happy Ikaika had been there to a least be company to Kiska, but to find out that she not only can still have calves that she is expecting…you have no idea how happy i am.

    I’m sending lots of wishes and prayers that if it’s actually twins, that the calves arrive safely and are healthy and that kiska. Kiska needs her pod.

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