Behind the Falls

Someone with a Windows Live blog has posted about a recent trip to Niagara Falls (I think the person used a very poor translation tool to help them post in English):

I comed place from my trip to the falls tardily last Dominicus afternoon. It holds been ten geezerhood since I ‘ve last been and nix verily holds alteration. The falls are still immense and beautiful. Clifton Hill still negociates to pack every tacky holidaymaker attraction up and down that steep hill. A couple of new sights for me was the Niagara Sky wheel, and the 10000 Siddhartha Sarira Tope a Buddhist temple across wall street from the entryway of the Whitewater Walking, things I ‘ve ne’er maked on past home trips to the falls.

2 thoughts on “Behind the Falls

  1. Ahh, ya gotta love it!!
    – they haven’t been in ten geezerhood
    – Amah of the Mist and Housemaid of the Mist
    – Niagara ‘s Rage
    – Hard Stone Coffeehouse
    – Table Stone
    – aero auto

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