A non-visit to the Niagara Daredevil Exhibit at the IMAX Theatre


    I stopped in at the IMAX Theatre on Saturday to look at the renovated daredevil museum. I don’t know if all of the details were in the article I linked to before… if they were, I missed them.

    The museum has moved to another part of the building and is now called the Niagara Daredevil Exhibit. It used to be at the exit of the main theatre behind the gift shop. Admission was free. Now it’s beside the snack bar and has paid admission.

    The Niagara Daredevil Exhibit costs $8.00 to get in. The movie costs $12.50, but you can get both for $15.00. Kids under 4 are free.

    I wasn’t willing to pay for something that was free before, so I didn’t go in. If any of you do end up going, take some pictures and send them along so I can post about it.

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    1. I guess I’m not surprised they are charging, but how much they are charging… $8! It was free before. If they had gone up to $2 or something like that, fine, they are trying to recoup some costs. But to go from free up to $8 is too big a jump.

    2. Weren’t the items that are featured here part of a daredevil museum somewhere else in the falls years, and years ago? I thought there was a stand alone dare devil museum at one point.

    3. The barrels on display have floated around the falls for years. The Imax has changed up the configuration and display a few times in the past decade or so.

      I haven’t seen the new exhibit yet, but the previous model didn’t give those great artifacts their due. A lot of the barrels in the lobby were inevitably filled with garbage by the people waiting to get into the movie.

      I’m not sure if the new setup is worth $8 or not, but hopefully there’s some historic context to the new setup.

      • There are still a couple of barrels in the lobby.
        Part of the problem with the new exhibit, is that you can’t see it at all from the lobby. It is in a separate room. It would be nice to get a “preview” or “tease” of it. As of now, I wouldn’t pay for it, sight unseen.

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