Famous Niagara Falls fountain still a tourist attraction 166 years later?

From Insauga.com: There is a well-loved and often-visited legacy left behind by the man many considered to the “Founder of Niagara Falls.” Just a three minute walk from the Niagara SkyWheel at 883 Falls Ave in Queen Victoria Park is Zimmerman “Fountain Pond,” named that for its large circular shape. At the foot of Clifton…

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A few pictures of lights in Queen Victoria Park

I’ll be posting some more about the Winter Festival of Lights, but here’s a start. On the night that my wife and I went to Sparks Steakhouse, we went for a walk afterwards. Here are a few pictures of some of the lights. Make sure you also check out the animated gif I created of…

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CAA Winter Festival of Lights in Winter 2011/2012

On December 30, my family headed down to Niagara Falls to view the lights in Queen Victoria Park. The CAA Winter Festival of Lights doesn’t seem to change much year to year, but it still a nice sight. Almost anything looks good lit up at night. I took some pictures as we walked around. Not…

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