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    “See! Niagara Falls” – NS&T railway information

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    The St Catharines Museum is right by one of the big Welland Canal locks, so many of you may have been there at one point or another. It is a nice little museum that has a fair amount of artifacts on display. This is a photo of one of the displays that is specifically related to Niagara Falls:


    The small sign in the upper left corner has the following:

    Niagara’s Streetcar
    When its wooden cars were converted from horse power to electric power in 1887, the Niagara, St. Catharines and Toronto Railway became one of the first electric inter-urban railway lines in Canada. And when the final run left Thorold on March 28, 1959, it was the last such service still in operation.

    During the seven decades in between, the NS&T carried as many as 8 million passengers a year, providing a vital link between Niagara communities

    You can probably read this, but the big sign has the following:

    Niagara Falls
    “Scenic Historic”
    Cars leave here every hour at 35 minutes after the hour
    Adults return 65¢
    Children return 35¢

    Purchase tickets at office

    I had never heard of the NS&T Railway before. I’m not sure when the “See! Niagara Falls” sign is from, but it’s neat that how ever many years later there are still people selling tours. They just cost a lot more than 65¢!

    My visit to the St Catharines Museum on Family Day 2012


    Note: This isn’t directly related to Niagara Falls, but if you have come to Niagara Falls for a visit, this is a place you may want to check out.

    I’ve lived in St Catharines for a good portion of my life (actually, 3 different times). It is a great place to live. I’m about an hour from Toronto, 15 minutes from Niagara Falls, and half an hour from Buffalo. Through all that time, I’ve never been to the St Catharines Museum. It is located at Lock 3 along the Welland Canals Parkway (1932 Welland Canals Parkway, St Catharines ON L2R 7K6, Tel: 905-984-8880). It is run by the City of St Catharines, and on Family Day this year they had some activities for the children so we went.

    There is no admission fee to enter the museum. They have a donation box, and you can donate as much (or as little) as you want.

    We were pleasantly surprised with the quality of the museum. At that time (and for another month or two), there was an exhibit with old toys. The kids really liked that part. We then walked through the rest of the museum were the permanent exhibits are. There were exhibits about local sports figures, military heroes, the Underground Railroad, and more. Of course there was a rather large space devoted to the Welland Canal.

    If you are looking for an inexpensive day trip with the kids, the St Catharines Museum might be just the right place.

    As always, you can see some of the thumbnails below, and you can see the all of the images including the larger sized ones in the St Catharines Museum on Family Day 2012. Please note that I took the pictures with my cell phone, so they aren’t as good as they normally would be.

    As a side note, the Niagara Falls Image Gallery now has 3421 images in 267 categories.

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