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    Another building demolished


    For the longest time there was an abandoned house a couple of doors down from the Macs at the corner of Stanley Avenue and Ferry St. Late last week it was finally torn down. The lot behind it was empty, so now there is quite a large lot. I don’t know if there are any plans, but don’t be surprised if a parking lot is opened.

    Mac’s convenience store gas station

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    I had posted previously that the underground gas tanks at the new Mac’s convenience store location (former 7-Eleven) at the corner of Stanley Ave and Ferry St were being taken out. I was wrong. It turns out they are just cleaning them up. The 7-Eleven used to have a Beaver gas bar with it. I missed this before, but the Notice of Application I posted before, says that a Shell gas station will be there.

    That’s interesting. There used to be a Beaver gas bar not too far from where I live, but it closed and became a Shell as well. I didn’t realize that Shell owned the Beaver name. I wonder if most/all are going to change from Beaver to Shell.

    Construction at new Mac’s convenience store

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    I haven’t been by for a few days, but the former 7-Eleven location at the corner of Stanley Avenue and Ferry St was coming along nicely. I’ve posted before that it is becoming a Mac’s convenience store. They have dug up the parking lot and taken out the gas tanks that were there. There has also been a sign up about a Notice of Application. They want to put a sign up that will be closer to the road than it is supposed to be.

    Mac’s convenience store replacing 7-11

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    Last week I posted about how the 7-Eleven at the corner of Stanley Ave and Ferry St had closed. I said I didn’t know what was going to be there. Well, commenter Adam White was right. it is going to be a Mac’s

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