The complete guide to a successful night out in Niagara Falls, Canada’s Clifton Hill

From the Buffalo State Record: In Buffalo, there are two rite of passage drinking ages: 19 and 21. For 19 and 20-year olds, it’s one of the best perks of living a short drive from the Canadian border: Having the ability to enjoy a night out drinking legally with friends two years before you can in…

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Jury Duty Tour: Vaughn & Niagara Falls

From a blog on the Much Music web site: Jeah! Darrin Rose here, alongside Eddie Della Siepe. Our Video On Trial Jury Duty stand-up tour brought us to Niagara Falls last week. Niagara Falls is awesome. It’s like a mini-Vegas, minus the Cirque De Soleil and the hookers. But I’ve been assured they’re working on…

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