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    The Coca-Cola store on Falls Avenue

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    The other day I was speaking to someone, and somehow the Coca-Cola store on Falls Avenue (part of Canadian Niagara Hotels) came up. I guess it is technically not a “Coca-Cola” store (perhaps a licensing issue?). The name of the store is Always Refreshing Soda Shop. The person had been working in the falls for years, and yet didn’t know such a place existed. I stopped by and took a few pictures for this person, and I figured I’d post them here.

    I’m not a fan of Coke, but if you are, and enjoy some of their vintage-looking items, then you should probably check the store out.

    Dirty Washrooms at Fast Food Chains


    Someone with a Blogger blog posted about a recent bad experience at the Burger King on Clifton Hill:

    Why do multi-national food chains, with billions of dollars in profits all have the worst washrooms in the country? I recently had lunch on Clifton Hill at Niagara Falls
    . Me and my family ate at the “King’s” palace…you know the guy, the royal with the crown and whopper???!!! The restaurant was dirty and dingy. As you approach the counter, you notice the signs right away, ‘We Do Not Participate in Coupon Programs’ and ‘We Do Not Offer Refills.’ I was hesitant, but I ordered anyway…fries for my daughter, and 3 combos…for me, my husband and son. The burgers were small, the fries were barely non-existent and my coke was less than refreshing. I was ok with all that until my daughter said she had to use the washroom. I dreaded going to the washroom (if you have a small child who is being potty trained, you know what I am talking about.) As we got to the washrooms, there was a girl standing in line. Looking at my daughter, and knowing she couldn’t wait very long, I asked the girl ahead of me if there was anyone in the mens’ washroom. She said she did not think so. I pushed my way
    in there. (A mother has to do, what a mother has to do.) I could’ve vomitted. The place smelled of urine, feces and others. It looked disgusting and I was afraid to touch anything, even worse, I kept on telling my daughter every 5 seconds to not touch anything.

    Note: I usually don’t post this sort of negative thing, but this person seemed genuinely sincere, and had just a terrible experience. I sure hope she contacts the corporate customer service people. It’s the only way to have this sort of thing addressed.

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