Skylon Tower

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The most spectacular view of Niagara Falls …

Ride one of the exterior glass enclosed elevators to the indoor/outdoor Observation Deck for the best view, 775 feet above Niagara Falls.

The Skylon Tower's Revolving Dining Room should be experienced by those with a taste for the extraordinary. Lunch or dinner, the menu is rivaled only be the view of Niagara Falls, which you can appreciate at leisure (one rotation per hour). Dine by night and you'll discover the unique atmosphere created by the illumination of the Falls!

The Summit Suite buffet is sure to tempt you, whether your tastes thrill to roast beef, fresh seafood or French pastries. Even the price is a treat! The Summit Suite Dining Room offers a spectacular view of the every-changing mist and the rainbow of evening illumination.

Experience SkyQuest … an interactive playground for the entire family! Just follow the "Starway" path on the Main Floor and the escalators will take you into an awesome high-tech game world!

The Skylon Tower is one of Niagara Falls' most recognizable landmarks, just minutes away from Clifton Hill.