IMAX Theatre

The Falls Movie
Live like a daredevil from the edge of your seat. Only at IMAX

Experience The Falls Legents & Daredevils, a movie of magical IMAX proportions

Discover the thundering Falls from a totally new and awesome perspective, on a screen that's six stories high with 12, 000 watts of earth shaking digital surround sound.

Visit Niagara Falls' only daredevil gallery. See & touch the actual barrels, spheres and chambers of death that carried the daredevils over the Falls, and re-live the stories of those who dared to take the plung.


National Geographic Store on site
Pizza Hut Express store on site
6170 Fallsview Blvd Next to the Skylon Tower
Tel: 905-374-IMAX
Shows on the hour

For more information visit the official IMAX Theatre web site.