Great Canadian Midway

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Niagara Falls newest entertainment facility, the Great Canadian Midway located on Clifton Hill isa spectacular 60,000 sq ft building which provides hours of entertainment for families of all ages.

The Great Canadian Midway contains over 250 games. Ranging from classic arcade games to new interactive games, there is something for everyone! Most of the games also give out tickets to win fabulous prizes.

Over 70,000 square feet of fun

The Wild West Coaster is a motion simulator where the seats move in conjunction with the movie.

Niagara's most spectacular Motion Theatre Experience where you get to ride the movie.

The fun and interactive Ghost Blasters ride will give families a thrill when they ride through a haunted house and try to shoot the ghosts with lasers.
Ride through this haunted hotel and shoot the ghosts.
This interactive dark ride will entertain people of all ages.