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At Friendship Cove, Marineland, make friends with beluga and killer whales. The world's largest whale habitat is surrounded by walkways for above water and underwater viewing of these amazing marine mammals. Best of all, Friendship Cove is designed to provide you with the unique thrill of touching these friendly ocean giants.

The land of adventure
Niagara Falls, Canada

Watch and Enjoy

High-flying bows, spectacular breaches and amazing flips are just some of the natural and thirlling behaviours performed by killer whales and dolphins that will have you saying "wow" more times than you can count. Adorable walruses will make you smile and the hilarious antics of the sea lions, as they outwit theirhuman companions, will have you laughing right out loud.

Arctic Cove

At Marineland you will meet one of the most unique looking whales from the marine mammal family - the beluga.
Expansive underwater viewing windows at Arctive Cove (TM) let you get right up close. Not close nough? Artciv Cove is also designed so that you can touch and feed these friendly white whales.

Friedship Cove

Their names make them sound ferocious, but killer whales can be quite friendly and affectionate. This congenial side of the lardgest member of the dolphin family became know through observations and contact made at facilities like Marineland. You can experi3ence the killer whale's amiable nature for yoursefl becuase at Friendship Cove ® you have the opportunity to touch and feed these wonderful ocean giants.

Thrilling Rides

Marineland also offers thirlling rides including the world's highest triple tower ride, Sky Screamer™ and the world's largetst steel roller coaster, Dragon Mountain®

Family Rides

For the less daring, there are rides like the Tivoli coaster and the Tivoli Ferris Wheel. You can also visit Marinelands King Waldorf®'s Palace where you will find video and arcade games galore.
With amazing marine mammal presentations, interactive animal displays and exciting amusement rides, Marineland has something to offer everyone in the fmaily.

Important Information

  • Location: 7657 Portage Road, Niagara Falls Canada
  • Parking is Free
  • For general information:
    Call: 905-356-9565
    Write: Marineland, Marketing/Group Sales Dept.
    8375 Stanley Ave
    Niagara Falls, ON L2E 6X8
  • Operating Season: Mid-May to Sunday of Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend
  • Admission Hours:
    Mid-May to June 10 am to 5 pm
    July to August 9 am to 6 pm
    After Labour day
    10 am to 5 pm
    After ticket booths have closed, park activites continue to operate until nightfall. The operating schedule and rates are subject to change

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