Fudge Factory

Fantasy Fudge Factory - Where everything's SWEET!!! ...Candy, Toys and Collectibles... enough to make anyone act like a KID in a CANDY STORE!!!
Watch Fudge, Beernuts and Candy Apples being made daily from traditional recipes, and fresh ingredients. Sample the fudge while you're in the store, and check out our toys and collectibles!

Ty Beanies & Buddies, Groovy Girls, Barbie Collectibles, Smurfs & Thomas The Train....

TY BEANIES, BUDDIES, CLASSIC, BOPPERS, KIDS, TEANIE BEANIES, TEANIE BEANIE BOPPERS, BABY TY...if Ty makes it...we have it. Please stop by the store and see our extensive selection of TY products. Unfortunately we do not ship any Ty products.

GROOVY GIRLS...are available in our on-line catalog. Hip style and everything wild...That's what Groovy Girls are made of. See the Catalog for details of New and Coming Soon items.

BARBIE COLLECTIBLES...are all on display at the Fantasy Fudge Factory and available through our catalog. Along with Barbie are the Mattel and Disney Collectibles.

THOMAS THE TRAIN & FRIENDS...Choo Choo!!! Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends have rolled into the Fantasy Fudge Factory!!! And are now 25% OFF. The Thomas Wooden Railway has been an award winning toy for children for years. Whether you need a starter set, new traincars, a bridge, building, people, trees os some of the famous Clickity-Clack Track...we have what you need to link and expand your railway system.

THE SMURFS...Many people think they're not around anymore, but Peyo;s Smurfs are still three apples high and living well in the Enchanted Forest. Did you know that the Smurfs are 43 years old??? At the Fantasy Fudge Factory we carry the ever-changing line of 50 Smurfs (including Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Gargamel and his cat Azrael), and the Super Smurfs and Smurf Sets. See the catalog for details.