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From the Toronto Sun:

Explore your own backyard

Tourist towns near the border with the U.S. have suffered a triple whammy in recent years. The recession, new passport rules and a strong Canadian dollar have kept Americans at home.

According to statistics from Ontario Tourism, from January to June 2009 the number of American visitors to Ontario fell 7.9% compared with the same period in 2008.

Some of the losses have been offset by an increase in Canadian visitors cashing in on deals for hotels, dining and attractions in places hard hit by the downturn such as Niagara Falls.

Many of us think of the Falls as a summer getaway but there are enough year-round attractions to make it a fun long weekend for families, couples or friends.

Festival lights up Niagara

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From the Niagara Falls Review:

With the flick of a switch, the Niagara Parkway erupted with about three million lights illuminating more than 120 seasonal displays.

The 27th annual Winter Festival of Lights, which attracts more than one million visitors each year, officially got underway this past weekend with performances ranging from magical to soulful.

Mother Nature, however, provided anything but wintery weather for the roughly 6,000 people who gathered at Queen Victoria Park Saturday to watch Disney divas Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck, the Festival of Lights Choir, Niagara Star Singers and A Cappella Niagara.

Cool, but comfortable, temperatures provided the perfect backdrop for performances by magician Greg Frewin and the cast from the Oh Canada Eh! Dinner Show, which preceded the major attraction of the evening as Disney’s Mickey Mouse and galpal Minnie flipped the switch to sparkle the parkway.

Fireworks shot off in the gorge capped off the show.

Spinning Security at 500 Feet

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This doesn’t affect any of the visiting tourists, but here is a short article from JMR SoftwareSystems about the challenges implementing a network at the spinning restaurant at the Skylon Tower:

The very location of the RDR presents a challenge. With a more than 500 foot span from the central computers at the bottom of the tower to the terminals at the top, fibre optic connections are necessary to bridge the gap. In the dining room stations are located on both the revolving floor and the stationary centre, making wireless connectivity for the system a must.

Sleep Cheap rooms still available


From the Niagara Falls Review:

Rooms are still available for next week’s Sleep Cheap, Charities Reap event in Niagara Falls. Local hoteliers are offering Niagara region residents overnight stays starting at $35 between Nov. 9 to 12. About two-thirds of the rooms have been sold for the event, said organizer Jim Diodati. Some hotels are sold out, especially fallsview rooms and hotels with waterparks. But others still have space.

Note: This was from Saturday, so it is referring to this week’s Sleep Cheap.

Where will you be when the clock strikes 2010?

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On Thursday I received the latest email newsletter from the Marriott Niagara Falls Fallsview & Spa.


You can subscribe to the newsletter by clicking on the Special Email Offers link on the side of the Marriott Niagara Falls Fallsview & Spa main page.

The Szmurlos: Niagara Falls

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Someone with a Blogger blog posted about a recent trip to Niagara Falls (with lots of pictures):

I made everyone stand around and wait at the top of the falls because I had to get a video of the Maid of the Mist doing its thing. Turns out that it just fights the current of the water rushing away from the Falls then turns back to pick up its next load

Comics and Cartoons to Invade Niagara Falls

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From Anime News Network:

The Can-Am Comics and Anime Expo will be held in Niagara Falls Canada at the famous Skylon Tower, March 12-14, 2010.

The show will feature displays from exhibitors covering both of these popular and interesting genres. While comic books and their collectors have been almost timeless, the Japanese cartoon animation forms (Anime) are relatively new…

The Skylon Tower itself, is one of The Fall’s principle attractions offering panoramic views of the whole lush Niagara region as well as having a large full service arcade plus food court and other features. All of the famous Niagara Attractions are located within walking distance of the Can-Am Comics and Anime Expo assuring that many families will make a it a fun weekend to come to the Falls.

Falls Avenue Newsletter – New Year’s Early Booking Offer Save $50

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On Monday I received the latest email newsletter from Falls Avenue:


To subscribe, visit the main page and enter your name and email address near the middle of the page.

Digital Photography School – Clifton Hill, Niagara Falls

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Digital Photography School has a forum where people can post tips, projects their working on, etc and someone recently posted a panorama of Niagara Falls. Note: You have to be registered to see the picture, but not to view the comments.

My first attempt at panorama
photoshop did such a great job that I did not have to do any
post procesing at all.
Exposure blend came out perfect
Camera was set on aperture priority
What do you think?

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