A proposal to replace the old arena with an attraction

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    In last week’s “Center Gift Shop” torn down for a parking lot posting, regular visitor Drafty left a comment about another potential development in the city. Apparently the old arena on Centre St may be torn down to make way for an attraction that is a big boat (Drafty guess the Titanic). The a document on the city web site (or here if the city website link changes) indicates the application came from a David van Velzen. I searched for his name on Google, and the top result is a link to a LinkedIn profile. his title is “Owner/Director at The Titanic Project Inc”

    I drive by the old arena twice a day on my way to and from work, and I’ve never noticed any notice of public meeting. After Drafty linked to the document, the next time I drove over I pulled over to check out the building. As you can see by the pictures, I don’t imagine there were many people who could see the “Notice of Public Meeting” behind the glass on the door third from the right!

    You may recall that at one point HOCO Limited (the company that owns the south side of Clifton Hill, the company I work for) was considering a Titanic attraction.

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