New GM for NPC

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    From Niagara This Week:

    After a short game of musical chairs at the Niagara Parks Commission, Fay Booker has begun her duties as the general manager.

    While holding the position of chair of the NPC, Booker put her name forward for the staff position after the departure of former GM John Kernahan. For her, it was a chance to see the NPC’s vision, that she worked so hard to develop, become a reality.

    “Over the course of the past year, I really got attached to the vision and wanted to see it come through to fruition,” she said. “I’ve really grown to love the Niagara Parks Commission.”

    Booker, who operates a consultanting firm in Burlington, Ont. said she’s in the process of closing up shop there as she takes on full-time duties at the NPC.

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