Second chance for rink


    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    The Rink at the Brink might see another winter after Niagara Parks Commission and Winter Festival of Lights officials smoothed over some of the commission’s concerns about the fledgling tourist attraction’s first season.

    “We are cautiously optimistic the parks commission board will approve the rink operating within the parks’ land this year as they did last year,” said Winter Festival of Lights manager Dino Fazio after a lunch meeting with parks chairwoman Fay Booker and vice-chairwoman Janice Thomson.

    They got together Tuesday because the parks commission in August put the festival on notice it might not renew the lease it gave the festival last year to run a temporary, open-air skating rink near the Horseshoe Falls.

    The festival operated the rink, which is about two-thirds the size of an NHL rink, but it was assembled on parks land.

    Parks commissioners were upset the rink wasn’t dismantled until July, despite festival assurances it would be gone in April.

    3 Responses to “Second chance for rink”

    1. I still say that a covered ice rink in a location that literally rains 24/7 365 days a year is a little short sighted. A permanent outdoor oasis pool/ice-rink would have been amazing down between the police station and Clifton Hill area, without a covered tent above and probably would feel more like a Rockefeller Plaza then. I really question the decision makers in this city.

    2. Lonny,

      From merely a tourist’s perspective and point of view, it is an “eyesore” and a “pain in the butt!” It forces the visitors to use the railing side of the road, in both directions, to a certain point and that point being the closest to the parking lot. In our 48 years of visiting the Falls, we use to walk the railing side out to Clifton Hill and the other side back to the parking lot. Can’t do that anymore because of the railing that surrounds the rink! Just my 2 cents for what it is worth……….

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