More parking lost on Clifton Hill


    The old Niagara Marketplace on Clifton Hill used to have several parking spaces out front. When that building was torn down and the new Tim Hortons/Canada Trading Company/Galaxy Golf building was put up, the sidewalk was changed and the parking was removed. Well, the same thing has happened across the street at the upcomding Dave & Buster’s.


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    1. Probably one of the best changes they’ve done. The sidewalk was a huge bottleneck in front of that building. With all the surrounding parking lots there is no need for parking on the hill and a more pedestrian friendly street is welcome.

    2. i agree dan…except for the HUGE amounts of drop-offs..pickups..and run-into hortons on the other side….too many people can’t read…lol
      i can’t tell from the pic…did it take any area away from dairy queen’s seating area?


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