A few months ago WGRZ (channel 2) in Buffalo launched a new website all about Niagara Falls called Niagara Falls Voice. It focuses on Niagara Falls, NY, and publishes stories about the city. There is also a chance for visitors to submit stories, videos, and photos. It’s not a great site, but it’s still worth checking out.

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  1. Tom says:

    The Canadian side of Niagara Falls has the better view, thus more people will naturally chose to visit that side. CLifton Hills is a rip off, embarrassemnt and a tourist trap, I prefer the park lands on the US side.

  2. Smoke says:

    There was a show on this last night. Each city has there rip off area. Some are bad and somw are good. Clifton Hill has its good points and bad.

    THe reason why people pick the Canadain side is that there isn’t that much to do on the US side. Lack of hotel rooms and 4 star hotels are also a problem. I don’t see the US side becoming a tourist destenation in my life time.

  3. FALLSVIEW says:

    (I don’t see the US side becoming a tourist destination in my life time.) I sadly agree!

    What frustrates me is that people on this side of the border complain about the low paying jobs that come with being a tourist destination. Yet my family is from Windsor, Ontario and have lost all of their good paying manufacturing jobs over the last five years, and they would be more then happy to have some of these tourist associated jobs! By the same token, on the US side of the border they have also lost all of their good paying manufacturing jobs, yet the powers that be are still to thick headed to realize that they are part owners of some of the most recognizable real estate on the planet… (You work with what you have, and they at least have something of significance!!) I feel sorry for the residents in NFNY, no real leadership!

  4. niagara says:

    I do not believe the NFNY side will ever be built up. I wish it would though because it would create more competitive pricing on all levels food, lodging, attractions which benefits the tourist.

  5. suzy says:

    The American side of the falls has absolutly nothing to offer except casino…you can eat there but what about a shopping mall?? Ever since they closed that rainbow center mall its lost its interest & value!! Why go the Amercian side when you can go Canadian side shop…see attractions eat… etc etc etc & they have a casino as well!! I LOVE the Amercian side but they offer nothing!!

  6. Dave says:

    The Canadian side has allways be better. So sad. I was born there , left in 1961 Dad retired we moved to Florida. I am so sad to see my home town look so bad. :(
    Dave Spence

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