“Key to Niagara” magazine

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There are lots of different magazines, leaflets, pamphlets, and maps that are offered free to visitors. Almost all of them are made up entirely of ads and coupons. (getting off track for a bit, don’t get me started about the whole coupon thing… coupons are everywhere and hardly anyone pays full price… let’s save some trees and eliminate the coupons and just lower the price by the $1 that the coupon is for… ok, back on track now…)

One of the better ones out there is Key to Niagara Magazine. It is approximately 5″x7″ and actually has useful information. It isn’t really a coupon book as there are only a couple of ads that have a coupon. The magazine is published by Osprey Media, the same publisher as the Niagara Falls Review. There are many short articles, details of various events, and of course ads for surrounding hotels and attractions.

Below is the Summer 2007 issue. Be sure to pick one up as you are out and around.


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  1. I make a living designing many of those coupons, rack cards and publication ads. And many printers are happy to.

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