What on earth were they thinking? Last year I posted that the Travelodge by the Falls had renovated one of their end rooms that was beside Victoria Avenue, and someone rented it and turned it into a Pit Stop (a snack bar). That didn’t seem to do that well, and a store called High Times has opened which sells, among other things, pipes and bongs:

20060428 hightimes 01

20060428 hightimes 02

I don’t think this is the family atmosphere most people are looking for…

30 Comments on High Times at the Travelodge by the Falls?

  1. Niagara says:

    This is so tacky, people will be walking on the other side of the street to avoid it. Not what the area needs!

  2. Scott says:

    I will never stay at this hotel.

  3. Smoke says:

    Come on People … It just a store that has nothing to do with the hotel …. There are rights … If they want to sell bongs go ahead … there are other stores that sell the same thing in Niagara Falls. I’ve stayed there many times and in my opion it’s the best hotel in Niagara. There rates are fair and the staff are great. Running a hotel isnt the cheapest thing but if they can lease a room to make money it’s o.k.

  4. rd2d says:

    why doesnt everyone just cry about it!
    Acohol has been proven to be a more harmful drug than marijuanna and i dont here you complaining about the bars in the lobby, not to mention this hightimes doesnt even sell marijuanna, grow up just because booze is accepted in our culture does not make it ok, so maybe you shouldnt be brainwashed by society and how they tell you what’s right and whats wrong (they say “jump”, you say “how high”).

  5. niagara says:

    I guess I missed the pro-alchohol “lets bring as many bars to NF as possible, bars are great” post? But since you brought it up, nobody was debating the two subjects merit’s. Alchohol=legal Pot= is not I think thats the bigger picture. This site isn’t a forum for debating if weed should be legal or not, so I’m not going to get into that with you.
    The point on another “high times” post that I made was, do whatever you want to do in the privacy of your own home, but this kind of thing isn’t necessary in a high traffic family tourist destination. These are things that scare away family tourist dollars from returning. I don’t think bars are a great thing either, but that’s a fact that comes with alchohol being legal. Please campaign for this cause somewhere else, this isn’t the place to do it.

  6. Graham says:

    I am not pro-pot, but I do recognize that people can do/sell what they want. As Niagara said, this site isn’t a forum for debating marijuana. My biggest problem with this was the location (attached to a hotel) and the look. Americans definitely are less accepting of marijuana than Canadians are. If there is a store selling accessories that is part of a hotel, I would think that would severely hurt the number US guests staying at the hotel. And that bright yellow sign… I wasn’t a fan or it.

  7. Graham says:

    Oh, and rd2d, next time use a real email address.

  8. Lisa says:

    I wonder if the two critical bloggers are one in the same? It sounds like you have either a couple of stalkers or people jealous about the way you run this blog or the publicity you are getting from it. I would hate it if people start making negative comments or basic untrue facts cauging you to have to monitor all the posts before they can apprear.

  9. Graham says:

    They came from different IP addresses (one from Cogeco, one from Sympatico), so it’s hard to tell.

    Anyway, let’s just ignore this for now and I’ll deal with any problems when or if they happen.

  10. Chris says:

    alright, 2 people like that, coincidence?

  11. Smoke says:

    If you are talking about the Smoke post from 2006 that was me. I have stayed in the hotel in the pass and develop a relationship with the owners. I was standing up for the owners right to lease the space. As long as they arent doing anything illegal. I didn’t care for the store and once ownership change hands I haven’t stayed there since.

    I have never done any drugs and never plan too. I think these store bring a bad rep. to tourist area like NF and Toronto. To me thses stores encourage young people that it is OK to do drugs.

  12. rd2d says:

    somone said that they wont stay in a hotel because theres a store that sells marijuanna paraphernalia, thats a stupid thing to say Im not even going to comment on it.

    family oriented you say? well you need to be realistic, your kids will encounter marijuanna sooner or later and thats a given, if you want to be blind to the fact that its in almost every school and almost everyone in highschool(in canada at least) is exposed to it than thats your choice, your acting like anything that is Illegal is morally wrong and if you think that way than you are ignorant, and maybe your not welcome here in canada.

  13. Chris says:

    no, smoke, i meant the cooper post on high times is closing and the first rd2d post, sorry for any mix-up :(

    anyway, bud, whatever’s illegal IS wrong, just because you encounter it doesn’t make it right.

  14. Smoke says:

    rd2d I have been going to high school for 5 years and have not encounter any type of drugs once.

  15. Chris says:

    nope, no drugs at my school (that i know about about) :)

  16. Bob says:

    Does this place have a phone number? I’m looking for the hours High Times is open anyone know?

  17. karen says:

    this is a sad, sad little blog stream and i say that having been through high school art school and every other situation retaining ALL of my brain cells. Not to judge those who have used – but people seem to think EVERYONE has done it – and they haven’t. Those who haven’t are judged by those who have as prudes or squares. it goes both ways. It’s not fair, but what is? I just happen to consider my brain cells a gift – and I like them just where they are!

  18. Cory says:

    re: Chris – “Whatever’s illegal IS wrong” . . . really? There was a time when it was illegal for slaves to run away from their owners, for women to vote, and more recently for black people to use certain washrooms or water fountains. So let’s consider whether-or-not the law necessarily reflects any actual, meaningful, or objective morals. Get your head out of your ass.

    And Niagara Falls is a family destination? Let’s get in touch with reality here. It’s the prostitution capital of Canada, and a hotspot of debauchery, drinking, and gambling. Calling it a wholesome family destination is like calling Vegas a wholesome family destination. . . and guess what? Those loose morals don’t seem to be hurting the flow of tourist dollars to either location.

    Let’s get real people, it’s just a freaking plant.

  19. Bobby bong says:

    WWWWWWOOOOOOWWWWWW its oneeee bong shop and its not even attatched to a hotel anymore and its independently owned. i live in toronto and there like 20 places i can think of that sell bongs why is weed such a big deal its a f-ing victimless crime no one gets hurt its all good.plus in niagra there is also a seedbank and a hydroponics store so why wouldnt you be trying to take down the source instead of the dealer if you know what i mean. just quit wasting your time trying to rip on potheads so that we have nothing to do and start helping us leagalize weed. FACT:amsterdam, the place where weed is legal has a lower teen drug use rate then canada and america.

  20. drafty says:

    All the arguments in the world don’t change the fact that marijuana and paraphernalia are ILLEGAL in Canada. If you want to lobby for a change to that, be my guest, but until it does change, it is ILLEGAL!! End of story!

  21. Avid smoker says:

    paraphernalia isn’t illegal stupid…only if its used is it illegal so these people aren’t doing anything wrong. and don’t cast the stone all you anti drugs *****…
    if you drink coffee or have drank coca cola those have caffeine (A DRUG!!!) so ******** on people who may/ or may not do the so called drug ‘marijuana’ they are harmless because they are enjoying it in the comforts of their own home….and yes! there will always be people who sell/buy/use these items for a long time to come. besides isn’t there am LCBO right around that area, or a hooters or a casino or ******* clifton hill. how the hell is a PLANT worst than gambling, adultery or being drunk (which makes you stupid unlike pot). pshtt. you people **** me off.

  22. drafty says:

    I repeat: ‘and they wonder why it’s illegal.’

  23. Karen says:

    dealing with people who have burned off too many brain cells ****es me off. If we’re so concerned with saving the world’s precious resources – let’s start a “save the brain cells” movement so the general population’s collective IQ doesn’t go down the toilet.

    Sorry. I work with a sample of the above. People who brag about wasting brain cells **** me off. There’s a reason the term is ‘WASTED”.

  24. Ray says:

    Who gives a ####….it’s a bong shop. Don’t shop there if you don’t like it. Simple ####### solution.
    Oh, and I don’t smoke weed, so attacking me for being a “stupid pot head” won’t work. I just think people are stupid and need to ##### and complain about everything.

  25. Chris,S says:

    . . . It’s not like they sell weed there, and every head shop I’ve ever been too, the owners and employees are very mature and take things serisously. I think whoever is bad mouthing shops and the people that work there, should swallow there pride and maybe step inside. Could you imagine that stores like Wal Mart and K Mart started selling papers and pipes etc? Ilse and ilse of pure fascination.

  26. Rhi says:

    This exact location was a Head Shop a few years previous as well….it didn’t do well, and subsequently closed. It seems nothing ever does well in this location……but if the placement of a shop that sells paraphernalia is going to keep Americans from staying in the hotel, then so be it. A few less questions like “Are these prices in American?” is always a blessing. Get over it people. Many Canadians smoke pot, myself NOT included…..if you don’t like it, stay home. Niagara Falls is touted Honeymoon Capitol of the World, not number one family destination…..otherwise we wouldn’t have the ridiculous amount of stripclubs that we do, places across the street from KOA campgrounds.

  27. Brandon says:

    to be honest weed is better for you then cigerettes and alchohol the only reason it isn’t leagalized is because people would just grow there own and the goverment would make no profit from it.

  28. Jeff says:

    Lol i read all this so now instead of hitting my bong and relaxing by the falls enjoying the uplifting happy and contious feeling i get from marijuana im guna drink a bunch a beer and mayby if i feel sad or depressed and im drunk so not really contious ima jump into the falls that should be good for tourism anywase i came upon this looking for a good place to buy a bong but since i heard they getting tough on head shops there if they are ima get every1 i kno to boycott the stores at niagra i kno hotel owners in niagra i can get a free room but if travel lodge still has that bong shop id be happy to pay to stay there and if yur guna attack my grammer or spelling instead of myy message good for u big man

    • Tanner says:

      legal or not..no one has ever smoked a joint gone home and beat their wife and kids. and while Booze is LEGAL people get smashed and kill people with guns, cars, bare hands. not to mention all the domestic disputes involving beer or liquor.

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