The other day when I was out I found a Players Advantage Club card on the ground. As hard as this may seem to believe, I’ve never been inside either casino! I know people who go regularly, but it’s just not my thing. Anyway, since I found a PAC card, I figured I’d provide you with some information. First of all, here’s the card:

pac card front

Players Advantage Club

Membership #

Full Name

pac card back

Your Players Advantage Club (PAC) membership is subject to the PAC program’s rules and conditions. Use of this card indicates acceptance of such rules and conditions. Must be at least 19 years of age to join and enter the casino. This card and benefits are non-transferable, and government photo ID may be required when using this card.

Know your limit, play within it! The Ontario Problem Gambling Helpline 1-888-230-3505

Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort 1-888-FALLSVUE

Casino Niagara 1-888-WIN-FALL

Probably the biggest perk for the average person is that you get free parking. I’ve posted numerous times about the cost of parking in Niagara Falls. If you sign up for the free Players Advantage Club, you get free parking. Not bad! But there are lots more perks as well. You earn points which can get you cash back. If you earn enough points, you can also get discounts and comps at different parts of the casino. The Casino Niagara web site has a good page of the benefits.

I think it is funny that a government owned/regulated casino also includes information on a government run help service. But it’s still very wise advise. Don’t let your gaming become a problem!

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  1. Niagara says:

    lol, ive had my card for about 6 years and until i read this never knew you got free parking in the deal.

  2. D says:

    ^ wow niagara i hope you never payed for parking, lol! That’s the only reason i have it.

  3. Niagara says:

    Im ashamed to say…yes I have paid to park several times in the past @ the casino :( Eh, figures

  4. darryl /linda m. hudson says:

    I really miss receiving the PAC magazine you used to send to both of us. Recently, I fell upon bad health problems which didn’t allow me to go to CasinoNiagara. My wife stayed home to assist me. My complaint simply is that we both missed out on our birthday celebrations at the casino. In past years, you actually sent us some things.My PAC # 173828, you can check my spouses. Had someone at your end decide that lack of attendance translates into quitting, I do not think is a reasonable conclusion. You might argue that if your sick so what you couldn’t attend anyway, whereas I think something to look forward to gets people out. DHudson

  5. Peter says:

    People, if you do not gamble, there will only be one free parking. You actually need to spend a certain amount of money to get free parking every time. I got refused once because the lady said I did not play enough on the card.

  6. Darren G says:

    Yes, there is a limit. I just signed up for my card (works at both casinos) yesterday at Fallsview Casino and I asked what the minimum was when I got my card. She said that the minimum is not communicated to staff and the direction is to tell the customers to play as much as possible. So I only played $5 at the slots because I was just there not for the casino but for other attractions. When it was time to leave I got denied.

  7. Mike says:

    You actually don’t get free parking with your PAC card alone…each time you go you have to spend 20 dollars on one machine and then you get the parking. If you go regularly then they grant you free parking so you basically pay for it. In comparison to other casinos such as windsor and rama this casino is the worst for giving player rewards. By far the cheapest casino for giveaways to their loyal members I was a gold card member for years and didn’t get any bonus perks beyond what everyone else at the regular level were getting. I would get free hotel rooms but when you called they would never have any available

  8. oreotak says:

    can u get a pac card online my daughter is going and the bus trip is really cheap if she has a pac card

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